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The workplace is changing, and for the better. As companies (including ELEMENTS) continue to expand, we’re constantly thinking about the type of environment and culture we want to create, the qualities we want in the people we bring on board, and how to set ourselves up to thrive long-term.

At the core of that is developing good leaders.

If you know us, you know we’re not set up in a traditional hierarchical way.  And we’re proud of that. We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere, so we decided to ditch conventional ideas of top-down leadership, and embrace these three core beliefs.

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The Intro to ELEMENTS Infographic

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DIRTT’s AZRE Article

What will the new HC projects look like moving forward once healthcare reform goes into effect?

I think that at this point there is so much uncertainty for healthcare facilities on what the Accountable Care Act will actually be that it is hard to define what the final model will look like and how that will impact not only new Healthcare projects, but also more importantly renovation of existing facilities.
That being said, there have been several initiatives that have been put in place that are already driving the need to change what the healthcare delivery model has been up to this point.

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The Dream Factories

A new kind of education targets would-be entrepreneurs.  Is start-up school a shortcut to high-tech success? Read more

Ukraine Orphan Outreach

Ukraine Orphan Outreach (UOO) is a non-profit organization created by Kris Stoesz, a member of the ELEMENTS family, and her husband Clarke. The organization in Northern Colorado formed with concern for the future of orphaned Ukrainian children. Their mission is to reach out to this often forgotten group of older kids and make a difference in their future. Their aim is to directly impact the lives of these children. We would like to create awareness regarding the plight of the orphans by exposure and involvement within the community.

To read the 9News story covering Kris Stoesz, her husband Clarke and this more-than-worthy cause, follow this link or click on the video link to the right.

To contact this organization, donate or see what you can do to get involved, please visit www.ukraineorphans.org.

Galvanize | Knoll | ELEMENTS

If you haven’t arleady heard… Knoll is relocating and will now be an anchor tenant at the most exciting new space in Denver, Galvanize.

ELEMENTS is expanding 3000 square feet! Our new showroom enhancements will include: emerging trends, new product applications, innovation, technology integration, inspiration and creativity, all while housing our unique culture! Read more

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