Readiness Roadmap to a Revitalized Workplace

Where you are today, and where you will be tomorrow could change any minute. Whether that day comes next week or in two months, elements is equipped to guide your organization through any hurdle that presents itself, helping you define your unique Readiness Roadmap.

We understand that identifying immediate actions requires long-term efforts, and as a multifaceted partner, we will always work together to fulfill your needs and expectations because that’s what we do. Our Human-Centered Design studio will use dynamic tools and exercises to help you learn more about your organization, determine readiness, and develop a plan for re-entry into the workplace.


Change is hard. Whether it's uprooting your office during a pandemic, moving to a new building or renovating your space - we are here to help you prepare and navigate change successfully. Readiness has no beginning and no end. We start with where you are right now and customize a plan for where you want to go, with the ultimate goal of a revitalized workplace.


elements in alliance with DORIS support organizations in their response to the pandemic and re-entry to the workplace with a people-centered, engaging process. Revitalization establishes new behaviors and norms for your organization with all levels of employees. You choose the areas of focus and we will support your organization in creating solutions. View the roadmap on your own, or contact us for a personal tour.

  • Readiness: Immediate Needs

    The main focus is on the health and safety of your employees. Through assessment tools and workshops, we will identify how your staff is adapting both physically and mentally and provide solutions to meet those needs.

  • Revitalization Workshop: Communication

    Designing custom communications campaigns for busy organizations is a one of our specialties. Employees need transparent and consistent communication around many organizational issues – performance, vision, next tactical steps, etc.

  • Readiness: Preparation

    As we prepare our office for a safe return, we focus on remote working policies, action plans and methods to increase a healthy work environment.

  • Revitalization Workshop: Remote Working Policy

    Evacuating the workplace abruptly and securing the ability to video conference all day, does not mean that a long-term remote policy has been formulated.

  • Readiness: Guidelines

    Wayfinding, signage, social distancing measures and barriers will define this transitional phase and help employees feel comfortable when entering the office.

  • Revitalization Workshop: Etiquette

    Every organization will need to draft robust policies to meet local and national regulations. But how should employees behave when the microwave isn’t available, when too many people are in the restroom, when someone is not wearing a required mask?

  • Readiness: Interim solutions

    Phase 4 will focus on interim-to-long term solutions within the office to encourage employees back into a scheduled environment.

  • Revitalization Workshop: Distributed Workplace

    If your organization will not take on additional real estate to accommodate all employees, then shift work or free-address will likely need to be implemented as more return to the workplace.

  • Readiness: Future

    Focus on the future means finding long-term and permanent solutions that celebrate culture and engagement. Flex schedules, company gatherings and events will follow new protocols. Modular workspaces, walls and technology will be in the forefront.

  • Revitalization Workshop: Culture

    Remote work exacerbates loneliness, anxiety and disengagement in the workplace, costing businesses billions per year. We can help you celebrate your culture through challenging and distant times.