June Return to Work - Workshop

Tuesday, June 29,  8:00-9:30am MST

Brainstorming strategies for returning to work and creating your hybrid plan.

Still thinking about what the future of the workplace looks like for your organization? Hear from other business leaders who are working on their return to work strategy in this virtual, interactive workshop. Come ready to learn and discuss topics including innovation, creativity, strategy, collaboration and productivity.  

Are you ready for hybrid?

A "hybrid" model allows organizations to maximize innovation, collaboration and individual productivity. Most importantly, attraction and retention will soar because employees will want to work for you.  

We've done the research and compiled the results. Now we're offering a "Playbook" that will help you navigate the future of the workplace.

Hello Hybrid

Our Hello Hybrid Playbook is designed with leaders in mind to help organizations navigate the future of the workplace.

This is so much more than a report. We've taken rich research, through anthropological methods, to help leaders make actionable decisions around the hybrid work environment.

What's inside

The Hello Hybrid Playbook has everything organizations need to make actionable decisions regarding their workforce and workplace.


The Hybrid Work Model:
Ready Or Not, Here It Comes

Hello Hybrid featured in Work Design Magazine!

Designed to help you answer all your questions.

Implementing a hybrid work model can feel a bit like playing whack-a-mole: just when you start to
answer one question, three more pop up. Each organization is at a different place, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg.