DIRTT: A Tale of Two Construction Methods

This is DIRTT

The DIRTT Approach

Here is a great video on the DIRTT Approach…

Also, here’s the DIRTT Overview for you to download.

DIRTT is a Sub Trade to the General Contractor


Forget movable. Forget demountable. Think prefab. Think Lean Construction. DIRTT offers interior build-outs with the same speed and certainty as exterior prefabricated construction. With interior prefab the key isn’t just a faster schedule with material assurance. The interior is where the client has the most interaction with the building. DIRTT brings the customization of performance, dimensions and aesthetics along with speed and certainty. Future flexibility is just a bonus.

DIRTT Walls, Power, Networks and Millwork may never need to be reconfigured. Yet they provide significant value with a building method that goes a long way to assist in Lean Construction. DIRTT is not part of the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) budget. The DIRTT Distribution Partner team is a local subcontractor to the General Contractor, and it’s the savvy General Contractor that harnesses the many benefits of DIRTT for the client and the GC’s own bottom- and top-line.
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