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Avocor F-Series

Avocor F Series from ELEMENTS Technology

Simple. Familiar. Affordable.

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Knoll, Rockwell Unscripted

Rockwell Unscripted, from Knoll
Hospitality, theater and play at work. From Knoll and David Rockwell, renowned for creating places where people want to be, comes an unrivaled work experience designed to let spontaneity unfold and people complete the story.  Read more


discovery_emittersTURF Acoustic Solutions
Through aesthetics and acoustic performance, TURF solves the problems of the contemporary office.

TURF’s products are made from a 99% post consumer PET (polyester) plastic, and are manufactured locally in the United States. By manufacturing on-demand, TURF minimizes the waste associated with keeping inventory items, while also cutting down carbon emissions by shipping from the midwestern hub that is Chicago. On top of their lean manufacturing practices, over 50% of our PET felt is made from single-use plastic bottles.

TURF believes that great products should be both easy on the eyes and easy to install. Using standardized building components for TURF’s product lines, certified installers, and parametric design tools for custom projects, TURF can go from concept to completion faster and with more fun than our competitors. TURF’s products and systems are the most efficient way to bring thoughtful design ideas into the built environment. www.turf.design

Cambridge Sound Management


discovery_emittersCambridge Sound Management
Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. is the developer of Qt® Quiet Technology sound masking systems. Cambridge Sound Management offers innovative, simple and intelligently designed solutions to the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions. Qt Quiet Technology combines exceptional audio performance, low impact installation, and affordability. Qt systems consume less power than a 40 watt light bulb per 180,000 square feet (16,723 m2) is GreenSpec listed and can contribute to your LEED Certification. cambridgesound.com

Soelberg Industries


I_1014_Natura_lgSoelberg Industries
Textured panels can be used to enhance the design of furniture, ceilings, cabinets, drawer fronts, and doors.

Textured Wall Panels are available in various patterns from random and rolling wave textures to geometric and linear designs. Customized to the details of your project, each pattern can be finished in any of our 3D laminate selection and installed on any interior surface. www.soelbergi.com

MC Squares


timthumbMC Squares
The MC Square dry erase system is designed to be infinitely flexible, from cubicle to conference room to campus. The clear, dry erase surface is removable for easy swapping of the drawing guides underneath. Strong neodymium magnets attach mc squares to most metallic surfaces, or back to back, creating a perfect home for mobile office supplies. www.mcsquares.com

Clarus Glassboard


Clarus Glassboard
Clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make the Glassboard Float a great option for private offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

The beautifully smooth Glassboard surface is compatible with any marker and wipes away easily without ever staining or ghosting. Step up to a Clarus Glassboard for your work space. www.clarusglassboards.com

AirCharge Wireless Charger


imgresAirCharge Wireless Charger
The AirCharge solution enables users to power and charge their devices without the hassle of messy cords or cables. Designed to be easily installed in table surfaces, the sleek grommet fits into any standard 80 mm (approx. 3″) opening and can be integrated into a variety of spaces offering a convenient way to charge any Qi compatible smartphone or device without the need to carry charging cables or find an available power outlet. AirCharge Wireless Charger

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