ELEMENTS is all about helping you maximizing your investment. From efficiencies in our processes that save you time and money on your project to minimizing your long-term cost of ownership, we offer services to meet your needs now and well in the future.


Technical Specification and Space Planning

We work seamlessly with your architect and/or interior designer to ensure the very best result on your project. Our own experienced designers can help you create the ultimate blend of image and functionality in your space. We determine each employee’s needs, departmental and functional adjacencies, factor in future growth projections, and plan your optimum floor plan to create an exciting, productive space.

Project Management

The key to successful project installation is expert project management and coordination. At ELEMENTS, our Project Managers sweat every detail so you don’t have to. Our skilled and proactive Project Managers work closely with your Sales Consultant to shepherd your project every step of the way. We coordinate shipping with all manufacturers, schedule truck arrivals, oversee the actual installation, coordinate all the different the construction trades, and ensure completion of any remaining unfinished or punch-list items.

Installation Services

ELEMENTS professional and experienced installers anticipate and remedy problems before they arise. We insist our installers possess a minimum of four years of experience. They must be certified by Knoll and Inscape, and are continually required to complete training on all new products. In addition, among our team, we have deep experience with installing all major manufacturers’ furniture systems.

Move Management

Moving furniture and whole systems is a far cry from moving boxes of file folders. It is a complicated, time consuming process, commonly done during off-hours and always under strict deadlines. ELEMENTS coordinates every piece of your move, including the disassembly and re-assembly of your existing furniture, to turn your new space into a productive work environment faster, and more efficiently.


Product Reconfigurations

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires flexibility. As your company grows or changes, your space needs may change. ELEMENTS is here to help, whether you need a simple reconfiguration of a workstation cluster, or an entirely revamped plan for a whole floor. ELEMENTS team of experts will not only help you make the changes you need now, we’ll alert you to future planning considerations that will make reconfigurations unbelievably fast and easy in years to come.

Product Maintenance and Repair

Your workspace represents a significant investment. ELEMENTS helps you protect that investment by increasing the longevity of your products. As with routine maintenance on your vehicle, routine maintenance of your furniture and systems will keep them useful long after they’ve been fully depreciated. ELEMENTS will also repair any non-functioning items and work with the manufacturer to obtain warranty compliance.

Inventory/Asset Management

Being able to adjust quickly to changing economic conditions is essential to survival in today’s commercial environment. Should you need to store unused furniture, ELEMENTS inventory management system will help arrange storage and ensure an accurate accounting of all your products, whether in our warehouse or on your premises. We take care of all the details, giving each piece of your furniture a bar code, grade and photograph. All information is then stored in a database accessible through our website so that you always have access to the information you need about your furniture and its condition.

Carpet Cleaning

As needed, or on a pre-scheduled contractual basis, ELEMENTS will keep your carpet looking new. We can accommodate any after-hours schedule request.



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