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ELEMENTS employees share an environmentally conscious vision. We believe that we have a responsibility to take care of the world in which we live and that environmental respect is not a fad. It is about making responsible decisions daily as individuals, and collectively as an organization. Our “Green Team” is empowered to examine all areas of the organization and hold the organization and employees accountable to current and new “green” practices.

  • We recycle all plastic, aluminum and paper throughout our facilities. We use washable glasses, mugs, plates and silverware, and have virtually eliminated plastic water bottles.
  • We produce and update all promotional materials electronically, and print them on recycled paper, on an as needed basis only.
  • We encourage the use of our web site, and create customized informational sites for customers, in lieu of marketing materials and paper intensive RFP’s
  • Two-sided copying and printing is the default setting on all printers and copiers.
  • Monitors, computers, copiers and printers are turned off whenever possible, and put on standby mode if unable to be turned off.
  • We support, through our Asset Management Program, the grading, refurbishment, re-distribution of corporate furniture assets.
  • Whenever possible, furniture is shipped blanket wrapped, therefore eliminating packing materials.
  • We recycle packing materials following our installations.
  • As trucks are added to our fleet, they will be use either E85 or bio diesel.
  • Light sensors are installed in the private offices, conference rooms and other seldom-used rooms.
  • Instead of purchasing new Ink Cartridges, they are being refilled instead.
  • Aluminum water bottles are given to employees and guests to encourage reuse and to minimize the use of plastic bottles.
  • We added a dedicated fax number that will convert faxes to emails; cutting the number of faxes by 90%. We estimate that this will save us approximately 18,000 paper faxes per year. Green tips are added to the electronic Company bulletin sent out to ELEMENTS employees.
  • Carpooling is strongly encouraged and assisted with interactive, online maps of Employee residences.
  • We use bulk kitchen supplies instead of individual portions.
  • Motion sensors in the bathrooms turn the lights off when not in use.

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