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  • Our downtown location minimizes fuel consumption by being centrally located.
  • We revitalized and cleaned up a one-acre parcel of land in downtown, bringing it to today’s environmental standards.
  • Instead of scraping it, we opted to renovate the dilapidated warehouse, keeping a massive amount of brick, steel, and wood out of landfills, and eliminated the waste associated with new construction.
  • Exterior paint products are water based and breathable, stabilizing old bricks and mortar, extending the life of the building.
  • Our side parking gate utilizes solar energy for operation.
  • Existing openings were enlarged and windows installed, even where former dock doors were located thus utilizing more natural day light.
  • We office in the half of the building with the most original windows, then added more including frosted sky lights.
  • We installed and programmed energy efficient lighting, using only what is needed at various times during the day. The abundance of windows minimize the overall need for artificial light while increasing productivity.
  • LED task lighting is used at individual workstations in order to minimize overhead lighting.
  • The new thermal frosted skylights help control the amount of heat entering and exiting the building.
  • Six inches of additional insulation was added to the one-foot thick brick and cinder block walls and brought to a height of eleven feet to aid in the insulation of the building.
  • An energy efficient three zone HVAC system economizes power usage by directing HVAC only where needed.
  • Tinted thermal pane glass was inset 18 inches into the walls to help reflect heat during the hot summer months.
  • The roof between the visible exposed wood ceiling and the actual roofing materials was insulated.
  • Much of the original concrete was restored and sealed. Carpet and floor covering was used only where needed.
  • Instead of filling in an old loading dock utilizing construction materials, it was converted into a beautiful Koi pond, enhancing our environment.
  • Movable glass walls are used throughout the interior allowing for change as required. We move our wallsinstead of deconstructing conventional walls thus eliminating any contribution to land fills and maximizing natural light.
  • Detailed in “Our Showroom” are all of the environmentally supportive products used throughout the space including floor coverings, finishes, fabrics, and furniture.

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