ELEMENTS takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability. We consider the life cycle of a product or design as well as the economic, social and environmental implications. For our clients, that means not only promoting environmentally friendly products, but also helping reduce waste long-term by designing solutions that will adapt and grow with them over time. Internally, it means that any growth, expansion or acquisition decisions are made with both fiscal and environmental sustainability in mind.

To support that effort, we have standardized sound environmental practices internally, including a Green Team that looks at practices and activities, and identifies where we can make changes to support a more sustainable future. At a basic level, it’s about making responsible decisions every day as individuals, and collectively as an organization. Big or small, we try to exercise common sense and consider our affects on our environment in everything we do.

To learn more about how we support sustainability in our building, through our practices, partners or products, please see the side bar at right.

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