At ELEMENTS, we believe our people are our greatest asset.

Our team understands that your work environment is both an investment and your most powerful tool for attracting, empowering and inspiring your employees.

So we sweat the specifics. Our people dig deeply into each project to understand the unique relationship between work environment, technology, people, business processes and financials.

We pride ourselves on putting together the right team for each project and then allowing that team to do what they do best – create great spaces where people thrive.

Click below to read more about the ELEMENTS team and the experience we bring to your project.

  • Traci Lounsbury
    Traci Lounsbury
    OWNER – What Traci likes the most about the industry is how diverse and strategic it is. Creating solutions that are design driven yet relevant keeps each project challenging and rewarding. Traci believes that what sets ELEMENTS apart is its culture. “ELEMENTS has a...
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  • Rob Hill
    Rob Hill
    OWNER – Rob brings that rare combination of creative talent and discerning business sense to his position as principal and leader of the Sales and Marketing teams at ELEMENTS. He is responsible for the oversight and execution of fiscal and strategic activities for sales...
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  • Eric Holt
    Eric Holt
    OWNER – Successfully navigating workplace change is at the core of our business and Eric Holt is at the center of that effort. As a principal at ELEMENTS and head of Business Development, Eric serves as a strategic resource for our clients and alliance...
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  • Ann Diddlebock
    Ann Diddlebock
    CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER – Prior to joining ELEMENTS as Chief Financial Officer, Ann was CFO of an $80MM retail sales company for 12 years.  With more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience, she worked in multiple industries, including retail sales, commercial real estate,...
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  • Cody Roberdeau
    Cody Roberdeau
    PRINCIPAL – Cody has been instrumental in developing our Architectural Products division and ELEMENTS as a staple in the marketplace. Cody started in the flooring division, shifted his focus to our preconstructed DIRTT wall division, and was most recently named Principal of ELEMENTS. He believes that ELEMENTS...
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  • Derek Walker
    Derek Walker
    DIRECTOR, ACCOUNT EXECUTION – “Changing their workplace for the better,” best describes Derek’s perspective of his work as an account manager with ELEMENTS. Loyalty is what he attributes to his success while continual on-the-job training helps him to best serve his clients. Derek has always...
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  • Becca Schaapveld
    Becca Schaapveld
    MANAGER, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Becca is from the “Pearl of the Mississippi,” Muscatine, Iowa. She grew up in the furniture industry so it’s always been a part of her DNA. Becca is energetic and thrives in the fast-paced environment of ELEMENTS. She finds the industry...
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  • Carrie Henke
    Carrie Henke
    ACCOUNT MANAGER- Carrie had a passion for design as a young girl. Her family often called her their little interior designer and her first projects took place at her home in Houston, TX. Flash forward 20 years and she graduated from Texas State University...
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  • Chelsea Turnock
    Chelsea Turnock
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE- Chelsea was raised in the Denver area and received her B.A. from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley. Outside of the office, you can find her spending time with her husband, Mike, and Australian Shepherd mix, Murphy. Chelsea also enjoys  hiking, checking out...
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  • Colleen Kientz
    Colleen Kientz
    ACCOUNT MANAGER- Originally from Kansas, Colleen and her husband moved to Colorado to enjoy the mountains. Colleen received her B.S. degree in Interior Design from Kansas State University. With over 12 years’ experience in Interior Design she enjoys providing creative solutions for the ever changing...
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  • Bob Horvat
    Bob Horvat
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE- Bob is a Denver native and became involved with the contract furniture industry in 1992. He was asked to manufacture reproduction work surfaces during the summer while finishing up his engineering degree. Having some experience with kitchen counter-tops while previously working with a...
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  • Debbie Rosepink
    Debbie Rosepink
    ACCOUNT MANAGER, INTERMARKET – Debbie has a master’s degree in physical education  and taught elementary physical education for many years.  However, once she and her family moved to Colorado for her husband’s job, she was not able to find a position that would align with...
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  • Heather DeStena
    Heather DeStena
    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – With a background in brand planning along with a life-long passion for design, Heather’s career experience has evolved from helping global companies define and share their brand story, to designing and styling home interiors, to engaging clients and influencers with workplace strategies...
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  • Jenna Jezek
    Jenna Jezek
    ACCOUNT MANAGER – Jenna was born and raised in Colorado, graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing. Jenna’s former experience in outside sales at an IT staffing firm has given her an understanding and appreciation for the impact a work environment can...
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  • Jessica Koch
    Jessica Koch
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Despite the fringe benefits, Jessica realized she couldn’t drive a beer cart at the golf course forever, so after graduating college she sought help from a placement recruiter and landed her first job in this industry. She loves the creativity and...
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  • Josh Mollman
    Josh Mollman
    ACCOUNT MANAGER – As a child growing up in Indianapolis, Josh was unnaturally obsessed with furniture, often rearranging rooms of the house and sketching out elaborate design concepts in crayon. Fast forward a few years and he would be receiving a B.S. in Interior...
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  • Julia Johnston
    Julia Johnston
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Over the last 10 years, Julia has gained experience in furniture while working as the Advertising Manager for the Atlanta La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. She then spent six years with TEKsystems assisting customers with attracting and retaining the top IT talent in...
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  • Laura Moore
    Laura Moore
    SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Laura entered the industry as a designer with a goal of developing creative and productive work environments. Her dedication, drive and desire to do what’s right combined to help achieve this goal as a designer. Now in a sales capacity, these...
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  • Mike Starita
    Mike Starita
    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Through his love of researching companies, Mike Starita began his career in the furniture industry by answering an ad in the newspaper. Yes, he is aware this dates him a bit! He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm to be a knowledge based...
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  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson
    SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Nick entered the industry with a design background with the goal of helping clients achieve a creative and productive work environment where people want to go every day.  Nick’s ability to adapt to daily challenges, design sense, the diversity of the people,...
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  • Paul Tate
    Paul Tate
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Paul gained great insights into the power of relationships when he began his career working for his father’s manufacturing rep firm. Two things Paul likes the most about the industry are the ever changing daily challenges and the diversity of the...
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  • Sadie Stubna
    Sadie Stubna
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Sadie’s desire to work in a creative industry has made her an integral part of the ELEMENTS team. Sadie’s perseverance, ability to adapt to daily challenges, and her own unique personality allows her to help clients achieve efficient and functional work...
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  • Trevor Hile
    Trevor Hile
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – After receiving a B.A. from The University of Colorado Colorado Springs in 2008, Trevor worked into a principal role with a service provider that ELEMENTS still utilizes today. His time spent in the field, managing local and national furniture installations has...
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  • Jacob Sinclair
    Jacob Sinclair
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, DIRECTOR – Jacob’s knowledge of the design and construction industry supplies ELEMENTS’ Architectural Products division with a comprehensive and creative approach to design and project management. With a college degree in Environmental Design and 10 years of experience in the Architecture and Interior...
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  • Jake Spence
    Jake Spence
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, DIRECTOR of OPERATIONS- Jake’s college degree in interior design, and personal interest in contemporary architecture and furniture design, make him the perfect fit for ELEMENTS. Jake’s knowledge of construction and facilities management, combine with his ability to think on his feet and rise...
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  • Andrea Dombrowski
    Andrea Dombrowski
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, DESIGNER – Andrea moved to Colorado in 2014 for a new adventure. A proud native of Baltimore, MD, she grew up with a passion for art and building. She spent most of her childhood creating countless drawings, paintings, and sculptures as she...
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  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, DESIGNER – Ashley is a Colorado native, bringing 5 years of architectural design experience to the Architectural Products division at ELEMENTS. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Interior Design, Ashley went to work on numerous projects varying in practice area and scale, allowing...
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  • Chad Coxsey
    Chad Coxsey
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, DESIGNER – Chad received his Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Colorado. He has been a part of the industry for 17 years. His favorite aspect of work is being associated with talented people and trades that make...
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  • Cody Kremer
    Cody Kremer
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Cody began his career in government sales for furniture after graduating with a degree in business management and marketing.  His competitive nature and perseverance from collegiate athletics have allowed him to gain knowledge and build relationships throughout the industry....
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  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, ACCOUNT MANAGER – Jessica became intrigued with design at a young age. Ever since she was a kid she always loved art. Jessica took her first interior design class her freshman year of high school and she was hooked! The mix of creativity and...
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  • Lance Mitsui
    Lance Mitsui
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, PROJECT MANAGER – Lance is a multi-faceted architectural and construction design professional. Lance has successful experiences with multiple types of projects from large scale commercial tenant improvements, historic preservation to residential design, and everything in between. Because of this, Lance has been an...
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  • McKenzie Hughes
    McKenzie Hughes
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, PRE-CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATOR– McKenzie has always been fascinated in the culture of the workplace and how the environment affects how people feel and collaborate with each other. After earning her Master’s in Organizational Leadership, she became more in tune and passionate about the...
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  • Michelle Bennett
    Michelle Bennett
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, DESIGNER – Michelle joined the Manufactured Construction division with 8 years of industry experience.  As a licensed architect, she has expertise in multi-family residential, commercial design, and healthcare.  Michelle is passionate about creating spaces that influence the human experience – transforming the way...
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  • Nicole Casey, AIA, LEED AP, EDAC
    Nicole Casey, AIA, LEED AP, EDAC
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION, ACCOUNT MANAGER – Nicole brings 9 years of architectural design experience to the Architectural Products Division. She is a licensed architect with focused experience in the health care industry. Her passion is creating environments using evidenced based design and product innovation that enhance...
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  • Sarah Olson
    Sarah Olson
    MANUFACTURED CONSTRUCTION DESIGNER – Sarah is a Michigan native (and proud to be!) where coming from an environment of mechanical aviation and accounting it was inevitable she would follow in one of her parents’ footsteps…NOT.  Instead Sarah went to college and channeled the discipline qualities...
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  • Derek Eltzroth
    Derek Eltzroth
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, FLOOR COVERING – Flooring is one of the most critical components of any dynamic workplace project, and Derek Eltzroth offers expertise and perspective to make sure our clients have what they need to succeed. With more than 16 years of flooring experience, Derek...
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  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, FLOOR COVERING – Originally from Colorado, Jason, in his twenties at the time, moved to Virginia Beach followed by Washington, DC. Having second thoughts, Jason decided there was no place like Colorado and later moved back where he got his start in flooring...
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  • Jeff Griffin
    Jeff Griffin
    ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, FLOOR COVERING – Jeff started in the flooring industry at a very young age working with his grandfather and uncle and got more than he bargained for since he gained hands-on experience in flooring and an incredible amount of knowledge about life....
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  • Sara Miller
    Sara Miller
    ACCOUNT MANAGER – Sara moved to Colorado in July of 2011 just after she graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth. It has been a dream of hers to live here ever since she was a little girl. Looks like dreams do come true! Sara made...
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  • Marty Wilson
    Marty Wilson
    TECHNOLOGY, DIRECTOR – Marty brings 20 years of experience in the audio visual/technology to ELEMENTS where he’s held many positions including engineering manager, technical services manager, and custom and commercial division manager. Prior to that, Marty served as a Missile Maintenance Team Chief in the USAF....
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  • KC Craig, of ELEMENTS Technology Integration Division in Denver, Colorado
    KC Craig
    TECHNOLOGY, ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – KC has a unique background with over 18 years of Technology Consulting experience developing both B2B and B2C relationships. His experience includes VP of Sales, Senior Sales Consultant and Account Executive working for large corporations like Verizon and Toshiba to smaller...
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  • Scott Sabin
    Scott Sabin
    TECHNOLOGY, PROJECT MANAGER & DESIGN ENGINEER – Scott brings 15 years of experience with technology integration to Elements.  He has held various roles in that time, designing, building, and servicing audio-visual and control systems.  That experience drives him to build intuitive and reliable solutions for...
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