Discovery Center

Why a new Discovery Center?

We want to demonstrate how the workplace can contribute to achieving the most significant organizational goals: The attraction and retention of key talent, the maximization of productivity, and the right physical environment to promote innovation throughout your organization.

Because we saw the opportunity to provide a greatly enhanced project experience for you.  To make it easy, special, and memorable – from beginning  to end.

Because we are passionate about demonstrating how to balance both to short-term and long-term costs while still planning for current agility and future flexibility.

The Essentials.
Because we want to make the selection of accessory items simple by dedicating two rooms to showcase them. We call these items Essential ELEMENTS.

Because we had a burning desire to provide planning concepts and products for the complete workplace.  Across our four divisions of furniture, floor covering, technology, and architectural products (including DIRTT, LaCantina, and Lutron shades), we will share an integrated workplace – not just a simple product application.

Because we show products that support the most refined and sophisticated designs for professional service firms, to the budget-focused and innovative technology companies, and everything in between.

Because our libraries are so organized and robust with finishes, and our team so equipped, that we can make a time-consuming and challenging project process unbelievably fluid.

Your Work.
Because we want to show how work gets done in healthcare, education, government, and corporate spaces.

Because by owning our own real estate, we have the opportunity to expand into an easily accessible downtown space with parking.  With this expansion, we have now committed to downtown and this space for many years to come.

Special Touch.
Because we will feature unique one-of-a-kind items and decorative accessories.  These special touches take a simple workplace and make it special.

Because we want to walk the talk and promote wellness, ergonomics, and a healthy work environment.

Our Brands.
Because the design-focused brands we represent, like Knoll, DIRTT, and hundreds more, deserve to be showcased and celebrated inside beautiful architecture.

Because we believe in the magic of art and design.  Art and design have the ability to inspire, elevate creativity, and help enhance an organization’s culture.

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